Tuba / Euphonium Ensembles

JSU Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble

The JSU Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble is made up of Tuba and Euphonium students, and we perform anything from Jazz to Pop to Classical music.  The members of the ensemble meet once a week to play challenging music, socialize and have a good time.  It is open to any Tuba or Euphonium player who is a music major or non-music major.  There is no audition, chair positions are often switched to best suit the playing of the music. Occasionally, we invite other instrumentalists to play with the ensemble.

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I believe it is important to remember our lineage for the tuba and euphonium.  For this reason, I have named our quartets after our founding fathers.  With out these individuals, the world for the tuba and the euphonium would be very different.  Our 4 memorial quartets were created to honor these great men of the tuba and euphonium world.  Some highlights of each individual are given below.  Please visit http://www.windsongpress.com/ to learn more about these individuals as well as other great tuba and euphonium players.

William Bell Tuba Euphonium Quartet
William J. Bell (1902-1971) Memorial Quartet
William J. Bell is one of our great mentors.  In 1921 his fame and performance stature was recognized by none other than John Philip Sousa, whose famous band was, at that time, the most famous and renowned of all the world's musical organizations.  The music world was astounded when John Philip Sousa summoned, without audition, 18 year old William J. Bell to accept the position of principal tuba in The Sousa Band.  In 1937, General Electric's David Sarnoff invited esteemed conductor Arturo Toscanini to select personnel for a new orchestra to be known as The NBC Symphony Orchestra.  This orchestra was to be comprised of the world's greatest musicians.  As legend has it, William Bell was the third musician selected by Toscanini, after his concertmaster (Mischa Mischakoft) and principal oboe (Philip Ghignatti).  William Bell served as Principal Tuba with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.  He also taught at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and soon established himself as an outstanding teacher of tuba and low brass.  In 1943 William Bell accepted the position of principal tuba in the New York Philharmonic.  He was championed by Harvey G. Phillips, who was a pupil of Bell and is described as being a person of great personal and professional integrity.  To learn more about the legendary William J. Bell go to http://www.windsongpress.com/brass%20players/tuba/bell.htm

Arnold Jacobs Tuba-Euphonium Quartet
Arnold Jacobs (1915-1998) Memorial Quartet
Arnold Jacobs, like William Bell, is a legendary tuba player as well as a great clinician.  He has worked with many, many tuba players, but has also worked with many other instrumentalists.  His knowledge of the respiratory system was that of a medical doctor.  Mr. Jacobs played with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for 44 years.  He was also a founding member of the Chicago Symphony Brass Quintet, appeared as a soloist with the CSO on several occasions, and recorded the Vaughan Williams Concerto for Bass Tuba and Orchestra with Daniel Barenboim conducting the Chicago Symphony.  To learn more about the legendary Arnold Jacobs go to http://www.windsongpress.com/ jacobs/AJ_Biography.htm

Rich Matteson Tuba-Euphonium Quartet
Rich Matteson (1929-1993) Memorial Quartet
Rich Matteson was internationally recognized as one of the most exciting jazz soloists and clinicians and was recognized worldwide as the premier jazz artist on the euphonium.  Rich recorded with Louis Armstrong & The Dukes of Dixieland on tuba; college and professional big bands on bass trumpet, valve trombone and euphonium; his own small group recordings; and the Matteson-Phillips Tubajazz Consort albums.  The collaboration between two great musicians Harvey Phillips and Rich made the Matteson-Phillips Tubajazz Consort.  Rich Matteson was also known to be one of the foremost authorities on teaching jazz improvisation and jazz band performance.  The information used here is from http://www.richmatteson.com/ bio.html.  To learn more about Rich Matteson go to http://www.windsongpress.com/ brass%20players/ tuba/ matteson.htm or for another great source, go to http://www.richmatteson.com/ bio.html.

Leonard Falcone Tuba-Euphonium Quartet
Leonard Falcone (1899-1985) Memorial Quartet
Leonard Falcone is a name that most everyone knows.  He was a great educator and loved the euphonium and was one of the first people to champion the instrument.  He collaborated with the First Band Division Company and produced a popular series called The Leonard V. Falcone Baritone Solo Series, A popular series of solos for the euphonium.  To learn more about Mr. Falcone, go to http://www.windsongpress.com/ brass%20players/ tuba/falcone.htm